The water level in the world falls dramatically due to drought, evaporation, salinization, and reduction of underground sources.

Turnkey greenhouse installation and material selection is an engineering subject that requires an experienced and

Our company realizes the product selection by conducting comprehensive market researches inaccordance with the demands of all kinds

The pump, which is not selected correctly, has a serious negative effect on the system and thus on the product development.

One of the most important conditions for agricultural sphere development is to keep pace with digital technology.

There are so many different sectors in this section: agricultural mechanization, agricultural development, any type of energy source used for

The Kurdakhani Shitil company has been operating since 2007 by 2 hectares size, has the most modern technologies, is focused on meeting customer needs,

Live seeds are seeds with a living germ that can produce a seedling in suitable conditions. Since it is a plant embryo, it includes all

Day by day plastic pipe usage plays a more significant role in relation to construction sector development for various reasons, such

Fertilizers are one of the most important resources in crop production. MK GROUP provides fertilizers to our valuable producers that

Irrigation water is filtered due to this system and it can be supplied with water-soluble fertilizers or without them on the soil surface or delivered directly into the soil

We use the world famous brand Schneider in projects for energy management and automation in both open and closed fields.